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Schaller – maximum safety for large engines

Our products have the task of reliably protecting engines against damage in the long term. They are always designed so they reduce costs, are easy to install an operate and inspire our customers with numerous other advantages.


Oil Mist Detectors


The central optical analysis system is connected to the engine in a vibration-resistant manner and does not require any damage localisation.

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Visatron VN301plus

This specialist in large diesel engines uses up to 20 detectors to offer exact damage localisation for any source of undesired oil mist.

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Condition Monitoring


This innovative 3-axis acceleration monitoring system is specially designed to monitor the vibration limits set by DIN ISO 10816-6 on combustion engines larger than 100 kW.

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The ‘BEARing MOnitoring System’ for oil lubricated slide bearings detects highly sensitive bearing damage even before it starts, even before signs of overheating.

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Our solutions

The objective of our solutions is to prevent damage to engines and systems which can be caused by the formation of oil mist. Our oil mist detectors protect large diesel, gas and dual fuel engines in a variety of different areas of application. Our unique software detects load reversals and changing wear conditions so no false alarms are triggered, ensuring maximum reliability. Only Schaller can do that! Our Visatron series contains the experience from over 55,000 installed systems for oil mist detection.

Convincing performance

Oil mist can have many causes and various sources located on the parts of an engine that require lubrication. Schaller oil mist detectors immediately identify the sources of hazardous oil mist and provide a corresponding notification. Our Visatron product family features the following convincing strengths:

  • Low-maintenance oil mist detectors for the complete life cycle of an engine, without complicated maintenance
  • Maximum reliability against False alarms – even under changing power loads of the engine
  • Meets all common vibration standards of the classification societies
  • Ideal for monitoring large engines

Benefits across industries


Being close to our customers is very important to us. We therefore rely on a worldwide network of partners who help us to provide fast and proactive support for our customers. With the same standards for quality and reliability!

Offshore and at sea

Not only are heavy-duty ship diesel engines, power generators on oil rigs and engines in many other applications subject to special strains and regulations, they can also only be repaired at great expense. Oil mist explosions on engines have occurred repeatedly in recent years. Oil mist detectors from Schaller Automation have the task of preventing this.

Power engineering

Power generation is one of the essential infrastructure components of any country. People’s lives depend on the continuous supply of power, and not only in hospitals. It is therefore vital to protect power generators against damage. The products from our Visatron series detect oil mist and act before damage can occur.

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