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Visatron VN115/87plus plus offers a range of impressive features including:

  • In normal operation, the system responds adaptively to machine clouding (automatic opacity).
  • The system is designed to correspond to the lifespan of the engine and entails only minimal maintenance costs.
  • The system meets all common vibration standards of classification societies.
  • Certified by 11 classification societies.


Other advantages:

  • The atmosphere from the crankcase is aspirated continuously and guided through an optical channel for measuring the cloudiness.
  • Compressed air is used to generate a vacuum for this purpose.
  • The cloudiness is measured in relation to the emitted infrared light intensity: 100% cloudiness then corresponds to complete shadowing of the light path.

Visatron VN115/87plus consists of the following components:

  • Preheating of the incoming air prevents condensation and therefore false alarms triggered by moisture.
  • The RS 485 interface allows a connection to remote display units (Remote Indicator II).
  • Pre-alert at 70% cloudiness, before a machine stop is triggered by excessive oil mist concentration.

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VN87plus / VN87plusEX (ENG)


VN87plus (ENG)

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