60 years of experience
Made in Germany

Extensive Service worldwide

Our service starts with the first customer consultation. After all, our aim is to adapt our products and services to the individual customer requirements in the best possible way. Our services include smooth spare parts supply, customised maintenance packages, service on-board of ships and, of course, rapid emergency service when worst comes to worst. Our products protect the life of your employees and the service life of your engines in the long term. That is why they are designed to

  • last at least as long as the engines they are meant to protect
  • be easy to install and service due to their structure
  • be mostly maintenance-free
  • require no expensive maintenance

For this, we offer maintenance packages which can be customised to the individual requirements. In the future, we will be calling this “predictive maintenance” – with maintenance intervals which are tailored to your requirements even more precisely.

We are there for you:

  • with experts near you or even on-board
  • a dense network for fast and smooth spare parts supply
  • and constant readiness for urgent cases
OMDEA – Oil Mist Detection Efficiency Approval

This is the title for a test procedure that ensures that our oil mist detectors have the highest efficiency and reliability. This applies to all heavy and high-performance diesel, gas and dual fuels, as they are used in ships, power stations or factories.

On-board service: prompt and competent

Our customers have access to a well-trained team of experts worldwide which stands ready for working on-board a ship or other locations at short notice. Inspections, maintenance work, repairs and overhaul: Our experts ensure that all systems and machines run smoothly and correctly. In addition, our experts can provide training for your teams on-board and on the product.

Retrofitting: upgrades for a new future

We are happy to support you with our expertise to update existing systems to the latest level and increase the efficiency of machine service life. The engineers at our development centre are continuously working on developing our systems further. We provide these results to our customers through targeted retrofitting, getting their systems ready for a new future.

Repairs and overhauls: tested reliability

Our engineers overhaul and repair our systems in perfectly equipped workshops. For this, we upgrade the systems to the latest state of the art. Then we subject all parts to a comprehensive and intensive test procedure. Only once they have passed all tests, the systems are returned to our customers, where they are either installed by our teams or kept in stock as high-performance spare parts.

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