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Schaller Automation Industrielle Automationstechnik GmbH & Co. KG and the Lab for Measurement Technology of the Saarland University (LMT) are developing a sensor named GasMOS for the methane detection in crankcases of large engines. The system is designed for industrial marine and power plant applications of large engines and will be developed as stand-alone product exclusively sensitive to methane and hence insensitive to possible disturbances caused by other gas contents. This project shall cover the development up to a field test ready prototype.

Within this project suitable measurement positions will also be developed alongside the methane detection. Up to now, there is no public available information on the gas content of the crankcase atmosphere. The aim is the measurement of the highest localized methane concentration. In order to test and calibrate the new methane detection a gas mixing apparatus will be developed and assembled on site. The LMT performs basic research with respect to the development of new measurement processes for the final sensor selection, the development of new sensor control strategies and the development of robust operating modes (long-term stability).

This project is funded by the German federal state Saarland and the European Union within the „European Regional Development Fund“ (ERDF).

Website:  http://www.saarland.de/132334.htm

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